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Fabricated ATA Cases

Built to resist vibration and sudden shock, your valuable contents are protected in our Model D.I. fabricated reusable shipping cases. D.I. Series cases are constructed using fiberglass-laminated wood with full aluminum edging and tongue in-groove aluminum parting line. Catches and handles are recessed (design permitting) for maximum protection from damage. D.I. cases meet ATA 300, Category I specifications for reusable shipping containers. The D.I.-2 Series reusable shipping cases are even more robust with increased panel thickness, fiberglass added to the interior and more rugged recessed spanning twist latches. D.I.-2 cases are designed for larger equipment. They meet ATA 300 Category I specifications (designed to last for 100 trips or more), and are dust proof, water resistant, fire retardant, and are acceptable for clean room use.

Special features such as lift lids, loading ramps, shock mounted interior decks for very delicate equipment, and stainless steel hardware are provided as required. Custom cushioning systems are available for minimum protection from excessive shock and vibration.

Fabricated lightweight (Model D.I. Light) reusable cases are also available to provide superb equipment protection at low shipping costs. These cases are approximately 30% lighter than the standard D.I cases, yet they still meet ATA 300, Category I specifications. Reserved for smaller / lighter equipment, they provide an attractive option. The D.I. Light cases are fabricated using corrugated polyethylene, and feature full aluminum edging and parting line, recessed handles and latches, and steel 

Fabricated case Features:

  • Custom Made To The Size You Need
  • Custom Cushioning Interiors
  • Wood or Metal Skids
  • Roll-in Ramps
  • Engraved Nameplate
  • Casters / Edge Casters With and Retractable Handles
  • Key Locking
  • Access Doors
  • Stencil / Silk Screen
  • Wide Color Choice

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